A new beginning


Once upon a time, like every appreciated story begins, there was an anxious girl called Helen. I say anxious because this girl had the particular characteristic of being in constantly movement, she spoke very fast and she also doubted about everything.
The thing is that one day she woke up thinking about herself, how she was and how she wanted to be. Those are questions that everyone asks itself at least once in life.
The girl realised she was a kind of kid, because of her behaviour and how everyone treated her, over all her parents. At this point, she was eager to change, and so she did.
She begun the day by being positive to this situation and thinking what aspects of her she didn’t like.
At first Helen thought about asking someone about how they see her and what would they change. But that idea was wrong all the ways and she just forgot about it because if someone else take part in this change she wouldn’t be she, just a product of someone’s else ideal person. The girl needed to find out herself alone.
For example, this was one aspect of her she wasn’t going to change, she was a clearheaded girl and this couldn’t be changed unless it was for better.
The day went on as every other day. She went to school, where she payed attention to every lesson and spent a good time with her mates. Nothing changed but her way of seeing things.
Her notebook was full of new thinkings, aspirations and dreams. She felt elated and even more restless. The life she was imagining looked so good she couldn’t wait to get to it. But she didn’t think how hard is it to change when you’re so used to your life.
Next morning, Helen woke up ready to keep on her mission of finding herself. She felt confident and nervous, of course. But she hardly noticed it, she was too concentrated on showing off her new self.
At school her friends asked her what was going on with her, she looked different but nobody could tell if it was good or bad. The girl was a bit surprised about this reaction, she was sure about receiving support from her friends. But she reckoned that maybe they needed a time to get to know her better.

Things have changed, but how long it will take to get used of this new life? Will I change again? Will my mates change too? Changes really happen?

Despite they all seem to be philosophical questions, this is just a serie of questions a normal teenage set out any time.
The answer for this? Time will tell.

I wrote this story because I was all alone sitting on a bench and I didn’t have anything better to do. But I like the idea that crossed my mind, the idea of changes.
People shouldn’t be afraid of changes, they should be afraid of their reaction towards it. If something doesn’t go on the way it used to, don’t turn it down. Changes are full of chances, the ones that let us get wherever we want.