What if I don’t want to live? 

It’s a fact that we’re all born, but do we all want to live a life under the terms society have implanted? I’m not talking about an existential issue but about the looks others throw to the ones that have committed suicide or are about to do it.

If one dies killing himself, automatically he’s  taken as a mentally ill person when it’s not necessarily. It’s pretty clear that the dead won’t come to live to explain the reasons why he chose not to live if he hadn’t explain it before, while living. There are more than a billion reasons to think and be sure of own thoughts that others can’t asume, and even worse, won’t be able to understand. What’s inside us will stay there and won’t change, but what will, is the appearance outside the inside. I know it’s a bit tricky at first to understand this but it simply means that people don’t change, only does the surface, what we all can see.

With this little explanation I’d like to point out a very singular thing, living is not only about feelings and experiences but also about feeling like living, breathing, moving, interacting, being side by side with your dear, and not that dear, ones,… Even if you can’t believe it, there are lots of people just like you, like me, looking forward to put a full stop to their lives without bothering anyone, without being a burden, without being pointed as a sufferer.

We hadn’t choose to live. Its great that most of us decided to make our way through life, and it’s even greater that there are braves enough in the world to say NO to life. We have to respect this decision. 

But remember, sadly, life is the only thing in life, live yours and don’t judge, influence, live or whatever in others (Sure, I mean if there’s a confrontation whether to live or not around you, we need from others to build ourselves, its a strange chain, anyway).

I wrote this because recently I’ve read about a girl who committed suicide because someone told her to do it because she is all alone.

Feel free to express your view 😊