Can you see them?

The stars are shining brighter tonight,

never noticed before the way they stand up there.

Can you feel them?

Lighting every step you take,

even though when the sun is in between.

Can you touch them?

Apparently distance is an obstacle,

but is it really?

They are,

you are.

It is not impossible to get pieced together.


2 thoughts on “Union

  1. Distance is a fleshly Obstacle, your Soul Lives in a universe where time and distance has no Obstacles, When your mind has you grieving over a loss, Whether distance or physical loss, The Loss is an age,,,,,, Until you see that In spirit, A thousand years on this earth is nothing more than a fleeting moment on the other side, The loss is no more than the ultimate learning curve for us, Leave our fate in the hands of our spirit or suffer the pain of this existence, Or live to our hearts desires, Forever is no time at all in the spirit world, Regards, Delboy

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    1. “Leave our fate in hands of our spirit or suffer the pain of this existence” is such a brilliant quote 😉 but in the end our spirit suffer the pain of existence in a way or another. I’d say the destiny is taken for granted but as we don’t know it yet, pain could be waiting for us around the corner. Regards, Laura 😊


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