The liar heart.

When it comes to love you never know a thing because each time it’s felt, each time it’s different.
It all starts with butterflies in the stomach. Then, little by little that feeling becomes stronger. What’s more, it’s strength rise so quickly that you don’t even notice when the hell that person has become part of you.
But the point is that sometimes you get confused with your feelings and with his. That awkward moment when you don’t know anything and just want to run and hide but at the same time you want to stay next to him without saying a thing. That’s the moment when the heart is telling you more than what you can perceived.
On the one hand, it is shouting

Don’t let him go! We can be together! I need you!

While, on the other, it says

I don’t need you, I’m better of alone! You could go through hell that I wouldn’t care!

Most of the times, when we meet someone and we like each other, there’s the feeling of fear. We tend to think that we cannot take what we’ve found, and, what we’ve found is the company of somebody that really cares about us. So, the roll of the heart is contradicting and creates the confusion in our minds.
I know it is hard to end the war between the heart and the mind. It’s like a mini revolution has begun inside you and is willing to make the wrong decision just to end it.
Finally you take the wrong decision to shut up your mind but then you realise you’ve been guileless.
They told me

Listen to your heart, it knows the answers to all your questions.

And it’s true, it knows what I want, what I need and what I love, but it also knows what drives me crazy, what are my fears and my lacks. That’s why sometimes I cannot trust in my heart.
All in all, don’t try to be brave by disguising your feelings. Life’s too short just to do what you’re told, so take some risks from time to time and think less. Hopefully I’ll do that.


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