Do we have the course?

Walk, run, jump, swim, what do they all have in common?
Some would say they are just verbs, others may brand it of mere actions.

There’s no doubt that both hypothesis are right, but don’t you realize they are linked in one more way?
They all mean movement, in fact, free movement. Each step, each leap, each wing beat, each stroke, each of them signify progress, but of course, it depends on the direction.
Some days ago, a friend of mine told me that his life has just lost all its sense. He cannot do what he really wants and instead, he is forced to do what his parents wants without keeping in mind his opinion nor his future. Also, he has a huge controversial with society.
Human being has always had the necessity of living in groups what brings within some rules that we have to accept just because we were born human.
So the problem is this: This guy wants to live under his own laws.
How very true it is that if it hadn’t been because of some laws, I would not need to define my future now. It is difficult to make such a decision when you have not seen all the options, because to see them, you have to experienced them, and life is not long enough to see it all nor we are old enough to get touched by such different things.

It is a fact that not all families guide their children, the reasons? I do not know, they might be billions of different cases. But I do know that a person is grown in an atmosphere where his abilities are defined, and so it is some sort of decisions that has been delimited his options.
But never mind, because we, humans, are natural-born explorers, what means that if it is the case, our curiosity may lead us to our destiny.
Apart from this, there is the problem of money. It is necessary to live, to satisfy basics needs. Food, water, a roof… It all have a price.
I understand it when people say that we need no money to find happiness. Feelings, such as love, are priceless. But it all does not matter if you are not alive. I have no doubt that it is true to find eternal happiness without a coin. You must be dead. So, you would not feel a thing.
Seeing this situation, I have decided to help my friend. I do not pretend to change the society for him, neither touch it. I am only going to help him find out a way to feel good with himself in this messy world. Help him find a new course.
Who had never wished to have Jack Sparrow’s compass? Unluckily there is no instrument that indicates where our happy ending is, or some kind of instructions to follow, so we get it.


The truth of the matter is that, people themselves are that coveted compass, or the manual. When we come across a confusing period is like the moment when the compass is looking for the north. The positive aspect is that it always finds what it is looking for, and so we do.
It is curious that to achieve this aim, ship’s compass spin around and even if it has already crossed a few times the north it is like it had not seen it. There is always a determined time for finding.

I do not know if you have ever heard that life is a constant losing-finding situation where nothing is certain but neither uncertain. I guess it is this way because at least we know we are someone. It is not a question about knowing ourselves, I do believe we do not get to know ourselves until the end of our days, when we would be able to look back and see who we are because we did things in our way. So, it is a question of existence rather than essence. We are physically taking up a place in space.

So, the situation is this: Humans’ lives are exactly the same as ship’s compass. We spin around until we find everything, not just the north (we already know its location).

No matter how far or how close you are from your destiny, the thing is to keep on moving. Remember, a way is made by feet. In that case you will end up finding what you were looking for and maybe something else. who knows what future holds?


4 thoughts on “Do we have the course?

  1. Before you were formed in your mothers womb,, every step, breath, hop skip and jump was written in the book of life, planed, Why spend our time fighting our Destiny. We have no jurisdiction over whats to come, What happened yesterday is gone, Tomorrow never comes,, Today we either fight and suffer what unfolds before us,, If carry on fighting our Yesterdays , we never see the glory that lays before us, in the moment, Our tomorrows, who Knows. So many people are trapped in their yesterdays, The darkness of yesterday clouds our today, Our tomorrows never come to rise, never come to fruition, We never loose, our bounty is laid before us,, we are sometimes so blinded by this flash we walk in, that we cannot see the good that is before our very eyes, your words are very forward, but so very true, you have a very experienced overview of your existence, refreshing, many regards, Delboy

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    1. Yeah, but sometimes checking out the past is how we realize what is in front. And also, not everything that has passed is bad, in fact, most things we’ve lived are incredible and makes so the present and therefore the future. Thanks Delboy for your feedback 😊


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